Pooh Bear McKernan

IMG_6238 Pooh bear is 11 years young and a lover of chasing anything you will throw, general attention, mashed potatoes, and lying down on yoga mats during home practice.  She has been an excellent colleague in her zoom interactions, only politely interrupting for walk breaks 6-8 times a day.

Chelsea Ryden

chelseaAt 12 years old, Chelsea lives a well-deserved life of luxury; she spends her days snoozing in an oversized, fluffy dog bed and begging for peanut butter treats. Being semi-retired allows her to pursue these passions while also contributing her wisdom and emotional support to the McKernan Lab.

Rita Kelly

ritaLovely Rita is a connoisseur of the culinary arts, a protector of the home from fierce beasts (squirrels), and a student of fashion. She takes her role in the McKernan Lab quite seriously, as evidenced by the solemn look and tie she is sporting in her headshot. Her efforts at keeping the team in good humor during Zoom workdays have been invaluable, and she resents any accusations of her sleeping on the job.